Misogyny &c.

The same week that I’m excluded from going bushwalking with 3 blokes because I’m female, is the same week that Julia Gillard rips Abbott a new one in Parliament for being a misogynist arsehole, and the same week that a young Pakistani girl is shot by the Taliban for advocating for girls’ education.

Gillard’s speech has been fragmented and trivialised by mainstream media. I recommend checking out the full 15 minute version. She outlines the years of snide comments and double standards she has been subjected to by the Opposition.

 By the way, Julie Bishop is unable to grasp the logic of Gillard’s argument because she is a replicant. Nuff said.

Perhaps because of a heightened sensitivity to issues of gender this week, I’ve really begun noticing how pervasively Patriarchal our society and culture is. Yesterday I watched 3 HBO episodes (one episode of Game of Thrones, and two episodes of Boardwalk Empire). HBO has a track record for producing ‘thinking-persons-television’. I love the darkly comic Sopranos and the sheer brilliance of The Wire. However, among yesterday’s viewing the ratio of female nudity to male nudity got me a little worried. In both programs, coincidentally, much of the action took place within brothels, and this necessitated much baring of (female) flesh. There was only one scene of full-frontal male nudity, but this was fleeting, and his body cast in shadow for much of it. I recognise the desire to provide ‘authentic’ representations of the status of women in other historical epochs. But somehow this wasn’t enough to quell my unease.


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